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  1. This is a great connection between feelings and unmet needs. Another way of using EFT to help you meet the need that the feeling identifies is to tap in a question e.g. "Even though I'm angry about my finances and it doesn't feel fair right now, I wonder what I could do differently within my power to meet my need for fairness? What examples do I already have in my life that feel fair to me when it comes to my finances?"

  2. Lesa

    Very interesting. I have not heard of EFT before now. Need drives emotions versus us using the emotion to fulfill the need. I will have to use this thought process for awhile and see if I have any lightbulb moments. Thanks for the sneak peak. Best to you on your adventures/ventures.

    • Thanks for the great comment Lesa, if you want more on the secret language of feelings, I give their actual messages in my free eBook, plus I give a feelings wheel too…a VERY helpful tool! YouTube has a lot of great resources, plus there are some other videos and handouts available at my “What is EFT?” page on the menu bar across the top. It is an adventure! Best to you as well Lesa, be well!

  3. Hi Nathan,

    I knew that feelings were a great barometer for checking how aligned we were with Spirit, but I had never seen them explained like this. This is GOOD! I really like the link between anger and WHY it’s good. Because it is telling us that we desire fairness!

    No wonder I get angry!?! Growing up, ‘fairness’ was a common theme in our house. Looks like I have some tapping to do. Thank You!
    Debbie Lattuga recently posted..No Mistakes

    • Anger is a VERY normal feeling, and it’s OK to feel it! “The Secret Language of Feelings” really changed the way I used EFT, I highly recommend the book, it’s a LIFE CHANGER! Additionally, my eBook goes over the feelings and how to use the “secret language” with EFT in a systematized way. As always, thanks for the great comment Debbie! Good luck!


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