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  1. What a wonderful article, Nathan! I didn’t realize what a deep rooted issue I had with self-trust, and since we tapped on it, I am already noticing a difference in my thoughts about myself and others. I am definitely more open now! Thank YOU for all YOU do to help heal the world, by helping others to heal themselves. Many blessings to you!

    • That is great to hear Natalie! Thank YOU for being a part of this article, by giving me the opportunity to assist you with this material! Practice makes perfect, and you definitely helped me to practice! With you trusting yourself more now, it will pass on to your children, and beyond that, it could go viral! LOL! Be well Natalie, thank YOU for YOU! 😉

  2. J.R.

    Nathan, my good friend, I really enjoyed the article, & I’m glad you included the Osho quotes. I never knew he talked so much about Trust & it’s relation to intimacy, although it makes sense that he would have. It seems as if Trust is key to having intimacy with others, oneself, & life as a whole. So far I’ve watched part of your first video, but I hope to watch the others very soon!

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