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  1. “The past four weeks have been a process of losing my perceived self, and awakening into reality. ” Nathan, your efforts toward losing the feelings of “separation from the rest” must be working since in these videos you look decidedly more confident and at peace with yourself compared to the last couple ones I’ve got to watch. Thanks for these videos and the tapping.
    Sonal recently posted..Using EFT When You’re Feeling Hurt by What Someone Said

    • It hasn’t always been fun, but each time I press through an issue my intuition and my level of BEingness expands. Thank YOU Sonal for your kind words of encouragement, you are most welcome, I will definitely keep pumping them out! I appreciate you and your wonderful web site as well, keep on tapping!

  2. Nathan,

    This is absolutely an amazing tapping session. This oneness is what so many of us are searching for. I introduced it to my partner and he had to sleep for 10 minutes afterwards because he shifted so much with it. My son who has been single for years had a huge ah hah moment because of this session. Thank you Nathan, you really put yourself out there. You are making a difference in peoples lives for sure.

    • That is great to hear that you shared this with your family and partner Shauna!!! I am super happy that my life and lessons are a benefit to YOU! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to further assist you on your journey… I am open to suggestions for new tapping videos and blog posts! 😉

      • Have you done anything on lately on Self-sabotage? or resistance? That is a common thread amongst my family.

        • Self sabotage and resistance are interesting animals, but are difficult to tap out in a video, as they stem from a wide variety of childhood memories. There are 1000+ reasons for either one of them really, they’re much easier to tap out by finding the root memory within an actual session. Hope this helped Shauna! <3

  3. Madeleine Costa


    How brave and vulnerable you are! I will need to do this session several more times for sure as I still have a longing for the “One”. How wonderful to realize we are the Ones we’ve been looking for. Very mystical. Thank you.

    • Thank you Madeleine, I appreciate the warm feedback. I am happy that you were able to find value in it, I know that it was certainly a pivotal moment in my own personal evolution. Be well.

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