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  1. Nathan,
    Wow…that sounds just like what I have done in my past relationships…spot on! This is going to be such an eye opener for so many people. Great thinking…yet again! Keep on shining your bright light my friend!
    With LOVE,

  2. Really profound points Nathan. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It really rings true that we are taught to love this way and be loved. Working on releasing this now. Thank you!

    • That’s great Marina, I’m glad that I could be of assistance to you on your journey towards love and intimacy! I look forward to hearing about all of the great results in your life and relations! Be well!

  3. marcia

    Wow! Thank you Nathan! As I tapped through it felt much letting go!

  4. Melody

    I think that this is definitely a great beginning point to start with. I read this yesterday and I thought about this the whole time. I personally have experienced this and it was one of the beginning points for my husband a I to gain more intimacy, closeness, and unification. It was certainly a major road block that was standing in our way.

    We have found that it is like peeling away an onion. As you address one major issue, it reveals other things that support that limiting belief. Those then need to be addressed as well. I agree that the our parents and media for example, that have been before us have certainly given many of us a mis-connect to true closeness.

    By becoming more aware of what, why, and how things are limiting us is truly useful. As we address them, true power is attained. I know that I have been very blessed to be able to to do just that. Especially with marriage and close relationships that have gone sour, I believe that they can be worked out. I believe that obstacles, difficulties, and mis-communications can we worked out.

    It is great to have good resources to use to implement those changes. I love what you are teaching Nathan! Keep up the great work.

    • Thank YOU for the great comment Melody! I am happy that you have been learning to address real intimacy in your marriage, and that you are growing more into it. I will keep up the great work, and I as that YOU do the same in your family and life! Be well Melody!

  5. Lee

    What about people who have a bdsm relationship and submit that way, can they be healed or change?

    • Yes, most definitely, there is a childhood trauma or pattern that is being repeated in some way, and the mind is trying to heal it through the bdsm relationship. 😉


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