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  1. Nathan, this post has given me something to think about. As I was reading it, I realized how much I’m scared of any good relationship dying, not just a romantic one. I can see why that may be so in my case, so I guess tapping is the way to go. Thanks for posting this.
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  2. Dardi Kunz

    Thank you Nathan for doing tapping on this subject. I am knee deep in this exact thing with a long distance relationship and this has added a ton of clarity for me. I didn’t realize how much I was looking for the fairy tale ending.

    • YOU are most welcome Dardi, I am so happy that I made this blog and video, I see the pattern in almost every client I see, and it’s such an easy pattern to reprogram. It causes so much pain, and can actually ruin a relationship instead of keeping it together! I have seen relationships end as a result of tapping away this belief, and I have seen relationships saved as well. If you need anything, please let me know…Happy New Year! 😉

  3. Michelle

    Fairy tale! You love that

    I agree with the letting go part, learning and letting go with love. ALL relationships are divine and at their own time. All my relationships have led me to this moment, they are all part of the big picture. Is it wrong for me to think this one is going to work out and is finally the fairy tale? I don’t think so…..after all the fairy tale is my ultimate goal and if ever I feel a relationship I’m in isn’t the fairy tale, I’m not afraid to let it go….because there is a fairy tale for me! After all, aren’t we all God and manifesters of our own faith? To each their own :)….just saying…..I’m not tapping my fairy tale away


    • I’m not saying to tap out the entire fairy tale, just the part that is frustrating you because it is contrary to life cycles. When you tap out the fairy tale ending, you allow yourself to experience the fairy tale moment! 🙂 Love ya Mish! xoxo

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