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  1. Well said :). So True: “Fixing is not love.”

  2. Great tap. I also used to attribute this as a male trait until I realized that I (and my friends) also do it with each other! We have a different style than the men do, but we’re still trying to be rescuers in our own way. So, this tap is excellent for both genders.
    Ange Finn recently posted..Practical EFT: Finding What’s Lost

    • Yes, women most definitely do it too, probably as a result of learning it from Dad, lol. Naw, in all actuality, you are correct, the more that we’ve gained gender equality in the world, the more this transcends the sexes. I still see it as coming from a masculine energy in both men and women though, so that is why I came from this angle. Thanks for the wonderful comment Ange!!! xoxo

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  4. So Nathan, I’d like to ask you a quick question please…I want to refer this one towards masculine men……Now that you don’t need to fix things 🙂 What else will you/men incorporate into your world in order for you to feel like a man? For men to listen….it is not their first natural instinct, and you talk about stability, but what specifically does stability mean to men. Thanks Nathan, I always look forward to your posts and videos.

    • Very good questions Sarah, thank YOU for asking them! I can not speak for all men, however I can speak for my own way of relating with women and world. For me, I do not want to fix my women, for I see them as perfect just as they are, in every situation; I would rather experience them in every way, feel and vibe them, let their radiant energy charge me up in all situations, even in their tears and anger. And as for what masculine stability means, it has to do with being a man of purpose, one who places his purpose above all things, even his woman…and what greater purpose is there than love? Unconditional love is so stable, because it does not need approval, security, or separation to be felt, it just is, no matter what is going on in a person’s life. Unconditional love always seeks the highest good of all, even if that highest good is in saying “no” or “not yet”. For more, check out the book “The Way of the Superior Man” by David Deida, you can find the link in my Store on this site. Thanks again Sarah, have a wonderful new week! xoxo <3

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