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  1. Christy

    I liked it! It made me feel happy and served to reinforce the sexual acceptance I already feel. I got this “yes, this is true” feeling. Thanks Nathan!

  2. We put so much pressure on eachother in thiw world.
    “Be like that, or I won’t love you”, “if you do this, I will punish you.”

    The human sex drive is perhaps the most important part of us biologically speaking. And in basically every culture we have completely destroyed it.

    Once upon a time sex was a celebration. Look at the kama sutra, hieroglyfic texts in Egypt, and carvings in caves all over the world. There are so many phallos and fertiltiy gods we used to worship.

    And somewhere we changed. Somewhere religious beliefs destroyed the purity of intimacy.

    God bless people like you who heal our wounds.

    To me sex always has been linked to a lot of shame and guilt.
    Day by day, I heal a bit more, and your video helps more than you can imagine.

    • I loved your comment Martina, so true! I think we are on track to finding a balance between the sexual extremes and integrating the right and wrong of our programmed sexual beliefs into one…based on love and “what is”. Also, thanks for your sweet words, you’re a blessing to me! Be well Martina! <3
      Nathan recently posted..What is Guilt?

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