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  1. Kristy

    Beautiful Nathan! 🙂 I love it!

  2. Wendi DuBach

    U Rock!!! This should be the topic for one of our sessions. It’s easy to say and it makes perfect sense but, saying it, believing it, and feeling it are completely different.

    Thanks for being WONDERFUL you!!!

    • Of course Wendi! Glad you enjoyed the article! I look forward to our next EFT session together! Be well my wonderful friend!

      • Dearest ,

        Wow , I cant express it but I will try. I was surffing the internet and from out of the blue the voice in my head told me to look up MY DARKEST NIGHT. and i came across your site and as I started to read your info. I started to cry. realizing that I have had it wrong all these years. I feel very humble as to how I once thought. I thank you for being our guide and now , I feel like i have my voice back. I will contiune to read your work thank you again.

        Thank you from my Soul

        • Linda, I am honored to read your comment! Please let me know if you have any questions, or if there is any way that I can serve you on your journey towards emotional wholeness and unconditional love. I have many incredible insights to share in my articles, I am glad that you get to be blessed by them! Be well Linda! 😉

  3. Janice Meznarich

    Well written, Nathan!

    Yes, I had the mindset of “hopeful romantic” for most of my life and now know how limiting that can be. The pressure you put on yourself and your partner is almost like asking them to be your own person “god” in human form. Wow- talk about pressure 🙂 I have a healthy vision now. When the warm connections come along, that is great! All the stuff in between is fine too! I do not need a twenty or thirty year contract to be successful at love- my soulmate energy is doing well without the paper.lol

    I have some friends through a divorce support group and mentioned your site on a discussion board the other day. Having the information that you have shared can make the healing process easier if we take the time to look a little deeper.

    In the book, ACIM- A Course in Miracles, they talk about the “special relationship” and it really does bring the whole issue into perspective. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us! It is an honor to be on this path with you my friend ;D

    (((Hugs))) 2 YOU!!!

    • That is great to hear Janice! It is nice to have friends who are moving along in their evolution from unhealthy to healthy ways of relating! Also, thanks for sharing my site with your friends, that is an honor to be referred to by YOU! *big hugs* 😉

  4. Liz

    Dear Nathan,

    I am so thankful for our connection. Your insight is helping me change the actions in my life.



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