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  1. Hi Nathan.. I had/have this boyfriend for two months and we get along very well.. every piece of the jigsaw fits and we had the most wonderful time together.. till he found out about EFT.. now he has doubts if he will continue our relationship. He says that he can’t understand that a smart woman like me believes such crap :-S
    I opened my heart to him to the fullest.. I respect him for who he is, eventhough he is very rational (fear I guess). I tap on my grief because it hurts so much and I do proxy-tapping on his fear.. what more can I do? :s
    Greets and thanks for this blog, Tinne

    • Hello Tinne, I appreciate your position. It may seem unfortunate that your healing is driving a wedge between you and your primary love interest, however, I have to say that what you are going through is very common. When one partner chooses to heal and the other doesn’t, their vibrational point of attraction disappears. If he is your “mirror”, then once your issues that he is reflecting are healed, you may find yourself single again. I hope that you can find the silver lining in this, that this really can be what is best for your emotional and spiritual health. Please let me know if there is any way that I can assist you Tinne, be well!

      • I’ve read this a couple times now but as I read it tonight a light just turned on in my head about mirroring and how relationships have turned out for me in the past.
        As well as how my holding onto a certain someone could be linked to and assisting them in doing the same to someone else.
        It’s really time to let go all the way!

        To start believing that I can be attractive to women(amazing ones at that)! So instead of reflecting them out of my life I reflect them in abundantly!!!

  2. Hi Nathan, Thank you so much for your reply. I’ve been tapping on the pain of loss.. on the unbelief I feel because we had a relationship of the thousands.. Now I tap on the anger because it is all I can feel right now.. but the pain is still there.. Probably because it’s all so fresh (this weekend)If you have any advice for me.. you are very welcome, Kind regards, Tinne

    • Of course, I am glad I can contribute. I recommend that you find the childhood memories that resonate with your current pain and anger. Without finding that, the patterns will repeat and the source of the anger can only be relieved, not healed permanently. Much love, Nathan

  3. Kristy

    Nathan, this is a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing! This position of being powerful and creating the reality around us is a huge mind-shift for many, and the ego tends to resist shifts like this, but I know that this is true.

    And it’s so wonderful because it is so empowering. I have seen this happen many times as I have used EFT, both with you, and on my own. Some examples that come to mind are when I had the limiting belief that men only liked me because they were sexually attracted to me. Because I had that limiting belief, I was attracting men into my life who appeared to only want to be my friend with the hopes it would lead to something sexual. After I tapped on that belief, several of my male friends just magically disappeared from my life and several others spontaneously told me all of the (non-sexual) reasons they enjoyed my friendship.

    Another more recent example was that last week I tapped a lot on my limiting beliefs around prosperity and money. Yesterday I was informed that I was accepted to receive SSI, over a year after I applied for it!

    I continue to tap every day, for 15-30 minutes, and am so excited to see where I will be over the coming year.

    Thanks, Nathan, for sharing your wonderful gifts with the world! xoxo

    • Wow, thank YOU so much for the great comment Kristy! It is amazing to hear stories like yours, verifying how making small energetic changes in our being affects everyone around us! Thank you again for sharing!!!

  4. Kylie

    Great article Nathan. I love these models but being new to all this I find I have difficulty getting my head around the concepts. Although this sounds like a great mindset, does this mean we don’t hold people accountable to their behaviour? Does it mean we just accept people’s poor behaviour towards us in our lives? This is the part I struggle with in this model but I do wat to get my head around it!

    • This is a VERY good question Kylie! Holding people accountable is a level #2 way of dealing with boundaries. When you graduate to level #3 and energetic boundaries, you don’t need to hold anybody accountable but yourself. When you heal your stuff on level #3, everyone else just falls into line or disappears from your life magically. The need to confront goes away and a new way of relating, a more powerful way of relating is learned. I have been doing this in my relationships, and it has been extremely profound; I am happier, more powerful, and more peaceful than ever before. It’s the law of attraction on steroids! Does this make sense? Give it a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised I think! 😉

  5. Betsy


    I really appreciate this “Relationships as a Mirror and EFT”. It really gave a lot of answers to my questions. It brought a whole new understanding of the Mirror image to me. I really apprecaite you and all you do.

    Thank you,


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