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  1. Beth

    A couple of tears and a lot of tingles and giggles on this one! Considering my would be 4 year old spent a good bit of the tapping in sharing his toys with me I might be doing it again soon 😀 Thanks as always for making this so accessible!

    • Oh yeah, now that’s the kind of results that fires me up, YOU make my discoveries worth it Beth! WOWOWOWOW!!! Thank YOU for being YOU, I will definitely keep putting out the videos and articles! RAWRS! <3

  2. Janice Meznarich

    The Power of Now & ACIM talk a lot about the ego and point to the truth of letting it go. Just “being” can be quite simple if we allow it to be.

    Your holiness truely blesses the world!
    Thanks (((Nathan))) <3

    • I feel so fortunate to have found such powerful tools in “The Sedona Method” and EFT to assist me and my readers with “letting go” too! Thanks for being such a sweetheart Janice, and for your kind words. Love YOU bunches! <3

  3. A big hurray for you with this video, Nathan! So many of us lose track of our egos without even being aware of it, and then we end up wondering where our limiting beliefs came from… Your video is a great reminder to keep our egos on track while letting go and allow ourselves to just have fun (for the fun of it!)

    Couldn’t help but notice that you use a couple of points I didn’t know about, wrist against wrist and both hands under your rib cage. Could you please elaborate more on why these points are important in the sequence?

    Sending love to you, Nathan ~ Thanks, my friend, for sharing your vids to make this a better world for all 🙂
    Tamara recently posted..NEW — Watch, Learn and Get Healthy!

    • Thank YOU so much for the kind words Tamara! Yes, our ego’s mean well, however it is time to evolve past them now, yes? As for the two extra tapping points, I picked those up from my mentor, I am unsure where he learned them from, however, i do know there are energy meridians there. I do feel those points energetically, and have had success with EFT, so I just went with it and continued the practice, lol. I appreciate your love, you’re such a generous soul and I value our friendship. Be well my wonderful friend!

  4. deana

    Wow – always thrilled to find answers to struggles in my life, and at the exact point of needing the answer to present itself. My 16 year old son, after committing his summer to long hours of practice was just cut from the rep team that he held much anticipation for being on all summer. It made no sense that he was cut as he holds the talent, has the true desire and moved ahead with great inspired action. With all those key ingredients in place, the result of being cut just doesn’t seem right. So today I will teach him to tap, and I will tap with him and hold fast to the idea that there are great things ahead yet to present themselves and that our answers manifest themselves in the strangest of scenarios, so it is wiser to not perceive anything as defeat. Thanks again for your work Nathan – I think it came in the nick of time. Deana and Adam

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