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  1. Christy

    Nice read…I absolutely adore this! Fantastic! I will begin doing this tapping and will let you know my experience after. Love and hugs to you Nathan! 🙂

    • I am so excited to hear your feelings on this subject Christy, I look forward to learning about how well the tapping goes, and all the great love, happiness, and wealth that you receive as a result! Love and hugs to YOU too sweetie! <3

  2. YES!!! I did them ALL…that is the most tapping I have ever done! I get it now!!! Thank-you!! I customized some of the words and added stuff along with repeating what you said to make it more personal to me. Realized i am carrying a lot of my mother stuff around this issue, still…and several of the exercises, related to past relationships and fears that if men gave me anything they would have an expectation of me…I have turned down many wonderful gifts because i was afraid they may come with some kind of control or strings attached. I did the last 3 videos standing looking in the mirror during the negative part then during the positive part I looked at this picture that represents receiving to me…i will send it to you. Thanks, again!!
    Laurie Frazier recently posted..Ramadan and what it means to YOU…

    • That is great that you did them, and even better that you were comfortable enough to customize them to your own specific life! I am so excited to hear how they have already impacted YOU, I just know that this energetic shift of yours will make an impact on the whole world! Thanks for sending me the picture on Facebook, it is a breathtaking view, very high energy! Thanks Laurie and keep shining your love!

  3. Christy

    I just finished all six. I realized that as a young child, I saw these very things in my mother. As that young child, I did a lot of resisting (especially authority) and I know I have let much of that go already, this did tidy things up a bit more. During the first video, I thought about my early years as a first time mother. I was a “later” mom that was trying to do “everything” and would sometimes feel irritated at having to “give” so much of myself. Learning how to just say no has been very freeing. I’m really good at it now. I say yes when I can if I know I can follow through and I’m taking action because I really want to. Thanks Nathan!

    • That’s great to hear! I am also glad to hear that you relate to some of the ways that we have prevented ourselves from receiving over the years! Next we get to watch as the results of tapping with these will come to fruition over the coming days, weeks, and months! Woooo Hooooo! Be well Christy!

  4. Kylie

    Finally got there.. this is amazing! I don’t think I really blocked receiving a lot, but there were parts in this text that were very relevant, so it was great to do it! I’ve shared it with many friends who I think DO have trouble receiving because I know everyone can get a lot out of this.. amazing, as usual 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your feedback and kind words Kylie! It is great to hear that you were able to relate to some of these reasons. We definitely all have different backgrounds and experiences, so that is what I am shooting for. Much love Kylie!

  5. Erin

    I have gotten past feeling bad if I receive something, and being able to ask when I do need, but I still have some of that expectation that someone who gives may expect something back, and we never know the other person’s motive, but we ask anyway, and hope to repay the kindness. When I give, I don’t always expect back, and yet, I’m still not sure others feel this way. So I do what I can to give. There must be some kind of reciprocal pass-it-on kindness that works. I don’t expect it, but it comes. I give, and I receive. I do both. I sometimes expect it back, I admit. But I know that I cannot expect it back. I can only give what I can and give without expecting back. So, this is an interesting thing to look at, and I will work towards giving without any expectation. If it comes up, I will remember this learning. Thank you.

    • Heyas Erin! Thanks for the wonderfully thought out comment that you posted! Did you have a chance to tap through with the video in issue #6? I noticed that you felt that you had to “work on” getting better with it, however, with EFT, you don’t necessarily have to work on much, you just tap through while feeling the feelings, and things get better instantly. Sometimes there is a spiderweb network of reasons why we might feel a certain way, but even tapping one or two of the reasons while feeling the feelings will create positive movement. If you have any questions, or other feedback after tapping through with any of the videos, I’d love to hear them! Be well Erin! <3

  6. Nathan R

    Yes, many these issues were very much part of my childhood and current behaviors. I think that you can help me. Send me a FB message tomorrow when you have time.

    Thanks and I love your 1st name! Did you know that “Nathan” means ‘a gift from God’ in Hebrew?!

    • Awesome man, sent’cha a message. Yeah, sure did, Natan = gift and el = god, Natanel = gift from god! I read Hebrew, so that helps, lol. Have a wonderful New Year Nathan!!! 🙂

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