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  1. I will admit to feeling jealous, though my fiance is not a jealous type at all. At least, he pretends not to be.

    Jealousy is a very selfish emotion, and I hate being selfish, so I often wonder why I feel so justified in my jealousy. I think our society tells us that jealousy is a healthy thing; our lovers don’t cheat on us because of lust or instinct, they cheat because they don’t love us anymore and are trying to steal our happiness away by leaving us.

    I could probably go on and on about this subject. I will definitely do this.

    • Jealousy is a form of anger, of something “not feeling fair”, and is a very common way of dealing with our fear of inadequacy. We often place our self worth on our partner, making it their role to help us feel good about ourselves. I appreciate your candidness about this subject Jenna, it takes a lot of guts to check in with your feelings like this. Be well my friend!

  2. Thanks for the great reminder about the role of jealousy. Not only does it point to our beliefs about scarcity, it also points to the way we define ourselves by external things (often material possessions).
    Jealousy and envy are useful by reminding us of these two beliefs. It is a great way to get back aligned with our true nature – one that lives in abundance and unidentified with ego.
    Thanks again,
    Kevin, writer (www.thoughtsunearthed.com)

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