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  1. Krisna

    Thank you Nathan. Many parents are unaware of the different ways in which we can abuse our children with unhealed issues – personal and generational. Awareness is always the first step! This article clearly demonstrates the many layers of “stuff” people may encounter on their journey to wholeness. Thank you for giving ALL of us the tools necessary to be the best parents/spouses/partners/children/friends/people possible Now.

    I strongly believe that you may have just uncovered a huge aspect of personal and global peace. Whole self-sufficient people do not feel the need to control others (or go to war to prove a point). Thank you for your willingness to “go there”!


    • Thanks Krisna for the thoughtful comment! It’s great to know that with tools such as EFT, NLP, the Sedona Method, and more, that things like “emotional incest” can become a thing of the past! Be well!!!

  2. Jordy

    Thank you Nathan. As always, your article is both profound and timely. I love the insights and I find that,… even if the insight doesn’t apply to me (& the jury is still out on that one) I still gain parallel insights into other areas of my life.

    Thank you again for your courage in stepping out on the Woo Woo limb. It still feels a little odd to me but your articles have helped me to know that I’m not the only one seeking a better quality of life through introspective exploration.


    • Thanks for the great comment Jordy, I appreciate your kind words of encouragement….we’re birds of a feather, and we definitely flock together! 🙂 Be well bro!

  3. This is how I lead my life. I always wait for the moment that they throw me in the trash. And they always do.
    But from now on I will only attract healthy relationships!
    Thankyou my dear Nathan, for writing this article. You are in your own way kind of like Jesus. Showing us the light.

    • Healing our past opens us up for experiencing the fullness contained within each moment… I am happy that you are choosing to own the light already contained fully within YOU! *big hugs*

  4. Dear Nathan. Thanks for your article. I am a therapist – I work with different issues over the years. My experience is a bit different: it is not the parent tha uses the child. No parent wants to harm their children – at least not intentionaly. this is the child who “volontiers” to help the parent in need. And their are doing it because they love. they love unconditionaly and are willing to do anything to help the parent. And I mean anything. When you want them to heal their problems – as you say – it is important to forgibe themselves and love themselves. Also -is important that they realy sea the issue as is – understand that when you “help” somebody – “The Parent” – you do not realy help him or her. Because – everybody has come to this life to learn his or her lessons. And if you do not believe that they CAN learn – you are weakening or helping them to get stronger? Of course you are weakening them. We should realy help them get stronger for their own jurney – and love them. Not being angry with them – because being angry makes the child and the parent miserable. So – you can add sentences in thid direction to the tapping – which is a beautiful tool. Peace Caterina

    • I appreciate your thoughtful comment Caterina! I see your perspective, and in many ways agree, children do volunteer to rescue their parents, as their parents are sending out a vibe of neediness…and kiddos see it as an opportunity to feel loved. If a parent is indeed sending out this needy vibe, they do not know how to meet their needs, and thus will be unable to meet their children’s needs or model healthy behavior. From this place of weakness, their children will attempt to fill the gap, without success of course. Be well Caternina!

  5. Ramnath

    Hello Nathan,

    I am from India and married for last 4 years.

    My mother is very angry with my wife and no in good terms or have good feelings about my wife and argue with me on that. Could you please send me surrogate EFT scripts to improve relationships of my mother and wife with each other.

    Thanks in advance.

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