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  1. C J Lee

    Very powerful article Nathan. Children suffer so much at the hands of even “well meaning” adults that take advantage of situations. As that old saying goes, “People judge others on their actions, but judge themselves on their intent”. Adults may not “intend” to hurt the children, but of course in the long run, the scars can run deep. Very nicely written.

    • Thank you CJ, I agree completely. The way a child’s brain works is much different than an adult’s brain, it’s amazing that even small events can be processed as a trauma in a little one. I appreciate your kind feedback and empathetic spirit! Be well!

  2. Such a revelatory article Nathan! you had me looking at my moments of anger and how they might relate to instances in my youth that rendered me powerless. Love this site!

    • Thank you sooo much Mike! You are right, it doesn’t take much to traumatize a child, just because our frontal lobes do not fully develop until we are 7 or 8 years old. Even little things can render us powerless! Thanks for the kind words Mike!!!

  3. You are an exceptionally good writer. You tackle two topics that are controversial for most people, this weird thing called feelings, and the tabu childhood traumas.
    Many of us weren’t abused physically, but there are an infinate amount of ‘insignificant’ situations where you learn as a child that you are unworthy and unloved.

    So dear readers who grew up in perfect homes, great for you. But most of us do have limiting beliefs that are stopping us from being our most magnificent selves.

    Isn’t that a pity? The world is missing out on awesome adults who have these awesome talents, but don’t show them because of rejection during our childhood.

    Thankyou Nathan, for healing our inner children, one adult at a time.

    • Thank you Martina, I appreciate your kind words about my writing skills! You are right, it takes very little to cause a childhood trauma, even the best parents will cause them! I feel I am an exceptional parent and I KNOW that I have traumatized my kiddos in many ways! All we can do is heal the limiting beliefs that they traumas cause after the fact, and do our best to heal one issue at a time. Martina, I love your phrase “healing our inner children, one adult at a time”! I appreciate that you are doing the same! Keep it up my wonderful friend!!!

  4. Good insight and great references brought up here, Nathan. In affirmation, as a practitioner of EFT on a personal level and sharing its benefits on the basis of example and testimony, I do agree the priority in taking great care and regard as to when one begins to have an overload or extreme degree of emotional responses and memories are beginning to really flood to trigger those emotions -to ensure the guidance of a trained professional, be it counselor, therapist and/or psychologist along the way. All the while continuing with your EFT. Should the practitioner be properly qualified as an EFT Master, then that is an excellent combination, ofcourse.
    The challenges that arise, not only with those in childhood trauma’s, unfortunately, do not just remain in those experiences alone and therefore one trigger invariable may launch another, and both the individual and the therapist can and should work as a team to ensure successful clarity and release from the emotions and healing process.
    Even as a professional Counselor and Transformational Life Coach, I will even seek the support and guidance of another professional in doing my own deep work, even though I have the tools and understand the process.
    It is a different perspective when you are the one in the experience and doing the work/releasing of emotions and trauma vs. walking another through the process; clarity of mind and heart is necessary to take accurate steps for healing and balance.
    Continue the beautiful work, Nathan! Support of professionals personally and professionally is what this is all about as well!

    • Wow, thank you Josephine! I appreciate your additional perspective! You’re right, one trauma can trigger another closely related one, so much so, that I’ve heard of people regressing and walking aimlessly afterwards! Care is needed when Pandora’s Box is opened, but after it is cleared, boy, do they feel BETTER! 😉

      And yes, I definitely have my own EFT professional that I go to regularly too, I’m way too biased to fix myself all the time, lol. Thanks again for your kind words of encouragement Josephine, be well my friend!

  5. Cindy Castro

    Great article Nathan! I found myself relating to the article and tapping away at the memories that emerged. It was actually a healing experience for me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom 🙂

    Many Blessings, Cindy

  6. This line really resonated with me: “But the actuality is, in this moment, we do own our life, even though as a child we did our best to survive by being compliant and powerless.”

    I need to sit down and think about this for a while. I haven’t often thought of myself as owning my life. Living and being present in it, yes. But the idea that I own it is, for some reason, a little new.

    • The more this sinks in, the more powerful you will become in creating the life you desire. I’m glad this resonated with you, it’s a powerful truth! Be well Jenna!

  7. Anna

    Childhood traumas is a very serious subject.. I’m sure that our behaviour and everything that happens to us are determined by our childhood. A happy, successful and loving man is likely growing up in favourable conditions. If something goes wrong it’s important to see that we DO own our life. It IS our power to find out the reason and change the situation. I’m glad that there are some methodics and people that can show us the way to a happier present and future!!

    • Yes! Thank you for the thoughtful reply Anna! Although loving people are born out of loving parents, with EFT, all is not lost, as anybody can heal their past and become just as kind, warm, and loving as the next person! Transformation from the inside out! Thanks again my beautiful friend, be well! 😉

  8. Natalie

    I had old childhood issues that seemed to re-surface out of nowhere. I am usually very good at handling and balancing my emotions, but I realized that the anger I was feeling was too much for me to handle on my own, and I needed help!. I heard of EFT from a few friends, so I decided to give it a try, and I am so grateful I did. Nathan is amazing, he made me feel very comfortable, which isn’t that easy to do. I feel so much lighter and better equipped to face the world. I would definitely recommend Nathan and EFT to anyone!

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment and kind feedback Natalie! You are a pleasure to work with and very easy to guide through the process! Have a wonderful weekend! 😉

  9. Zanny

    Thank you for sharing such a great article. To allow ourselves, or give ourselves permission to “let go” of events that are not ours to own. This is so very powerful and an incredible feeling to Just Love, Forgive and be at peace with the amazing spirits we are. Thank you for sharing.


    • Thank you for the wonderful comment Zanny! I agree, these trauma’s are not our own, they are a projection onto us, and as such, letting them go can produce tremendous results in our lives! Be well and thanks again! 🙂

  10. Geetanjali

    Thanks a lot !! Nathan…

    I never ever understood till now , why I could never say “No” to anyone or anything..!! Even when I knew what I was being asked for was wrong or insulting to me ….I just could’nt bring my self to say NO …I tried but I failed ..It was the most difficult word…!! I thought I would not be loved if I said NO…I will be alone if I said NO…I had no belief in myself to stand by my own choice and decision to say “NO” during so many instances in life where it was crucial !! I said “yes ” and made so many wrong choices and suffered ….because I was scared of displeasing others!! Now I can trace it back to my childhood which was so devoid of love and care…full of constant nagging and critcism …that it made me a football of people’s opinion and a empty person saying YES YES YES only to seek attention and acceptance !!I am so much better now but I need to tap more still :):)

    Love 🙂

    • Wow, what great insights Geetanjali! I am soooo happy for you and your journey to emotional freedom! Emotional freedom and authenticity brings forth spiritual freedom, peace, and love! Learn to speak, and more importantly, BE your truth and you will stop being a football and start BEing who you were born to BE! Much love to YOU!

  11. Thanks for the post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

  12. LL

    I never thought my ‘stuff’ could be pinpointed closely enough so I could actually THINK about receiving help. The videos, articles, and insights give provide the words to what’s been held up for so long. Thank you for caring. I feel like I have finally had my Day 1.
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