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  1. Hi Nathan, I enjoyed your video but you had me going there for awhile with the taps. 🙂

    The way you describe God as the universe was very well put. I also like “Infinite Intelligence”.

    Did you know the Greek and Hebrew translation for the word God is “I am”, that pretty much encompasses everything. Man in his finite state of being can never fully comprehend what God is.

    Cool stuff Nathan!

    Steve Fisher recently posted..Infinite Fb – Total Understanding of Facebook Ads

    • Thanks for the great comment Steve, you have some great insights! The Hebrew translation of “I am that I am” that God speaks to Moses at the burning bush is “Eyeh Asher Eyeh”, a beautiful phrase that denotes the state of being that you are speaking of…I use it in my EFT sessions sometimes to add to the power of the moment. Thanks again!

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