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  1. Christy

    Wow! This is rather timely! I’ve never thought of myself as controlling. I’ve always felt controlled and I suppose I’ve “learned” to resist (in whatever form it takes, usually me leaving, ignoring, arguing, avoiding) as a matter of survival. I’ve felt manipulated and controlled by those that are aggressive, never realizing my role. I’ll have to work on this! Thanks Nathan!

    • YES, all of humanity is controlling, that’s where we’re all at! I know that you are in a great position for integrating your feelings and living a life full of oneness! <3 Be well Christy!

  2. Amylicious Delicious

    Thank YOU for this. LOVE YOU <3

  3. Beth

    I always find your work AMAZING, and I agree this is ever so timely. Recognizing that there is an issue in itself if a comfort because it already limits the possibility of not being good enough. I love the work you do, and I love you for doing it. <3

    • Awwww, thanks Beth! You’re such a sweetheart! <3 I appreciate YOU for always being such a bright spot in my day! I'm glad you love my work Beth, because in many ways, people like YOU are MY work, YOU are the reason I write! Love YOU too Beth! <3

  4. My ego is actually trying to stop me to tap on this. Funny what our mind chatter tells us sometimes.
    “If you tap on this, you’ll find that nobody loves you”. I mean..WHAT? Hahaha!

    Doing EFT has really helped me capture these stupid thoughts from my ego while they are still in the bud.

    Gone are the days when I felt unhappy and hurt and didn’t understand why.

    Now I capture mean thoughts like the spiders they are, put them in a glass and toss them outside with EFT!

    And now to my point: this article is timely and extremly important for us who are on the same journey as you. With ‘same journey’ I basically mean that we want to reach inner peace and enlightenment and experience the same state of mind you do.

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