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  1. Kylie

    This is great! This was something I could get my head around straight away. I do feel I have a positive self concept but sometimes I need to say it out loud or remind myself of my filter so that negativity from others can be filtered out straight away! And definitely need to stop oscillating between helicopter and drill sergeant thanks for the reminder!

    • Glad ya found it helpful, and that you were able to gain some benefit out of it right away! Being a helicopter and drill sergeant to yourself, eh? Well, I suppose you learned from your parents example? Tap on the pattern from your parents, and you instantly become more loving and caring towards yourself. Do this by tapping out the old pattern, and tapping in the new on of being an advice giver, who asks yourself a LOT of questions along the way. I may be adding a tapping script to a part 2 one day soon… stay tuned! Be well Kylie! *hugs*

  2. Jordy

    I loved the article Nathan. You have an amazing way of conveying this concept. Thank you for bringing it into focus for me. I really appreciate your insights and your advice.

    I do have one question. I am divorced and my X has custody of my two boys. That makes turning this boat around feel like turning around an ocean liner!!! Any advice about how I might introduce this concept to a person who is,…. well lets just say I’m not her first choice when it comes to her seeking parenting advice! Help!!!

    –Jordan Hale

    • Thanks for the kind words Jordy! Yes, I do have a recommendation, attempt to tell her while being authentic and loving, out of genuine concern. If and when she rejects you, notice the feelings that your have in that moment…and notice what it is that ticks you off about her reaction. Is she resisting you? If so, how do you have resistance? Do you feel angry? Helpless? Etc? When you figure out what you are feeling and why, then trace back your feelings to a childhood trauma or family pattern and tap it out. We are always more powerful than we believe we are, we just have to “tap” into that power, so to speak, lol. Thanks again Jordy, I hope this helped! 😉


  1. […] CONTROLLING PARENTS Secondly, children are often taught to trust their parents voices more than their own voices.  Parents who do not allow their children the opportunity to practice making decisions for themselves apart from their own commands and input, will create children who do not trust themselves.  When a parent gives a command rather than a choice, they are sending the hidden message that “you’re not capable of deciding what’s best for yourself, I have to tell you what to do, trust me instead”.  Another term for self trust is self concept, you can read more on how our self concept is destroyed by our parents by reading an earlier post of mine here. […]

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