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  1. Nathan R


    I like what you are doing. It is so refreshing to see other young idealistic people who are trying to get grips on co creation. For me it’s been a wild year, lots of growth. And just like you, I have realized all kinds of little limiting beliefs that guides my thoughts like bumper bowling! The goal for me is to get better and better at it. Which means always changing things to discover all those blocks and replace them/ incorporate the new belief into the new me. Never done EFT before, but the meditations seem to be accomplishing something similar.

    Keep up the good fight!

    • Awesome Nathan, thank YOU for sharing your journey with me and my readers! I am so happy to hear from other people who are experiencing many of the same shifts and growth that I am experiencing! Keep up the good work brother, the world needs people like YOU! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Trin

    It made me realize that I have been using the same excuse about “going with the flow” as well! I have given up on things many times in the past because I have felt that they were not going to work out, or rather, I had negetive belief systems about how I thought nothing was going to work out for me, because unconciously I was self sabotaging. But instead of being able to recognize these beleifs as I was unaware of them at that stage, I would just let it all go, and I would tell people I was just “going with the flow.” This was just an excuse to let everything I thought I was going to fail at go, without really facing the fears of failure.

    Although going with the flow is a good thing and has benefitted me greatly, if you do it conciously as a concious creator holding positive beleifs about where things are going to work out, it can be a great tool.

    I think the important thing here is to recognize what beleifs you have about the things you want to work, and this may take some digging as many will be unconcious programmed beleifs. I think EFT is good because you can start working on changing those beleifs straight away with the positive affirmations.

    So go with the flow consciously, not as an excuse to run away from things!

    • Yes, I totally agree Trin, I am glad that my realization was able to spark this in you as well! I am also glad that you will be able to more consciously create your life purpose for the betterment of all of humanity! YOU go girl, I’m rooting for YOU! Also, I’d love to hear how tapping along with my videos shifted ya, have a wonderful week!

  3. Lynn Manyfires

    Thank you, Nathan. I am so grateful you did this video. I used to EFT but haven’t for years. I loved what you had to say and thank you for pointing out about ‘going with the flow’ being an excuse for not getting what I want. I never thought of that. If you don’t mind, I’ll come back and share in your video once (or twice) again. And I’ll be sure to share, my brother, what occurs.
    Again, I appreciate your generosity!

    • YOU are amazing, thank YOU for sharing your feelings with me and my readers. I look forward to hearing how your life evolves as a result of these realizations and the tapping that goes along with them Lynn! You’re welcome!!! 🙂

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