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  1. My dearest Nathan,
    I am incredibly glad you are climbing the spiritual ladder. EFT was the tool you needed to be able to climb, and who knows what you will find at the top?

    I always enjoy reading what you write, and more than ever I feel a strong connection to your words, as they resonate with who I am and my own truths.

    This life proves to be quite an interesting adventure. Geographical distance is an illusion, as I feel that you and I are in fact next to eachother. We all are.

    Blessed be my dear.

    • Thanks Martina, we are very close to each other indeed! I am honored to meet fellow tappers with the same emotional and spiritual passions as me! Be well my beautiful friend! <3

  2. Kristy


    As one who witnessed the beautiful clarity in your eyes as you experienced your awakened state, I love to see that you are sharing your experience with a wider audience – “speaking your truth” or as we discussed “BEing your truth.”

    It *is* time for all of us to BE our truth, so that not only can we step more fully into it, but that we can offer our love, insights, and experience to others on the same path.

    Much love to you today and always!

  3. Janice

    This is a great time we are experiencing, a beautiful path.
    I am glad we share the journey 😀
    <3 Janice

  4. Heather

    So awesome that you were able to attain this space for a week. I have had momentary glimpses of being still and one. I went through a period when i would be sitting or driving in nature i would be over come with such gratitude and in aww of the beauty tears would stream down my face i had no control over when it would come. It hasnt happened for years now. Yet it is still with me just not as intense or connected as i was back then. It was such a wonderful present space to be in. And i have never forgot it and always catch myself looking for it and remembering back to. Our experiences may have been somewhat different as described in your e-mail. It is such an amazing experience when we feel actucally feel the connection with the world all being one. Pretty much indescribable you have arrived at a new consciousness and i am so excited for your new awareness. Enjoy the journey and as my plates once said be love. Blessings to you my friend Heather

    • Thank YOU Heather for the kind words, I appreciate the experience that we all get to have more and more. I look forward to sharing my new insights from this perspective with my readers and friends! Be well my wonderfully amazing friend! *big hugs*

  5. Nathan,

    What an amazing experience, what an amazing life! keep shining your light, and spreading LOVE so powerful that it ripples across the entire earth touching all in its path! Thank you for BEing LOVE my friend. You are an inspiration for many.

    Much Love,



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