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  1. Great article & video Nathan! This is something I never thought about as far as what could be blocking me from what I truly want in fear of offending others, or feeling I am being disrespectful. This was a great lesson & tapping session to help eliminate this from our programming. I am grateful for your passion to want to help other, and I love it! Thank you for YOU! :)♥
    Much peace & love to you all ways!

    • In many ways, you may even have been afraid to offend your concept of the divine, a HUGE block! Thank you for sharing your feelings with me, I am glad that you benefited, it is GREATLY appreciated! Peace and love right back at’cha! ♥

  2. Very timely as always.
    In Sweden we are reaised to settle with whatever we get. There’s even a world famous law that originates from Sweden, that basically says “who the hell do you think you are?”
    This is mumbled to anyone with a nice job, car, home, pet, you name it.
    People from abroad who have lived in Sweden are astonished how jealous we are of other’s successes.
    This is of course linked to how we were raised, that you should SETTLE, because you are not worthy of anything more than you are getting. And if you dare to ask for something else or more in life, you immediately get thrown at you negativity which has its origin of this law “Who the hell do you think you are?”

    What I especially appreciate is your side-track that a child should be allowed to feel whatever it feels. So indeed in this case, let the child hate what is served. I myself was told “people are dying in Africa, and you don’t even want to eat what is on your plate? You should be grateful for this food!”

    I just hope that when the day comes that I myself am a parent and MY child doesn’t want to eat, I will remember this article!

    • I guess this is a universal issue, not just here in the USA, I’m glad I could peg it for ya! Hopefully, ya tapped out the roots within you too while tapping along, then you won’t have to remember this article, it will just come naturally to you! Thanks for sharing how this pattern was transmitted to you, it is always interesting to hear the stories from other parts of the globe! Be well my wonderful friend Martina!

  3. Beautiful script and video, Nathan! (I just stumbled across your blog and I’m loving it. Just subscribed too) As a child, I didn’t face problems with the choice of food or presents at home. But as a grown up, I often hold myself back from choosing what I really want, for fear of coming across as “too picky”. I’m working on it, though. 🙂
    Sonal recently posted..Stepwise Emotional Freedom from the Fear of Losing a Good Thing

    • So glad you’re enjoying my blog Sonal! Hopefully tapping along caused some sort of shifting for ya even though you weren’t raised that way! Keep on tappin! 🙂

  4. Great post and video, here are some of the phrases that shaped my issues

    Parents really should be more aware of what they are saying especially mimicked stuff from their parents. It can shape the rest of their lives if they allow it. Awareness of these phrases is the first step i find

    Don’t get ideas above your station

    Well want will have to keep on wanting won’t she

    Always put others before yourself

    You should do a good deed everyday

    Their are starving children out there who would be gratefull for it

    Oh well she did her best

    If you don’t turn to God you are going to burn in Hell

    So with the food, i found i had to always finish what was on my plate and anyone elses that they had left. When i connected this – which was actually before tapping, it just stopped automatically, the awareness was enough

    With the putting others first this was a biggy. I have found that i have isolated myself by doing this as with the old relationships these people were with me because of this. They would actually say i needed to do more for myself, but when i did they didn’t mean stop doing things and putting them first, just everyone else. But when these negative relationships ended, always within hours or at the most a day somone really positve and different appeared. Not necessarily a long term friendhip, but something really positive that taught me something and lifted my spirits. I find this a great re-inforcement for knowing i am moving in the right direction

    So lets just say i will be being extremely careful about what i have to say to my children

    Love and Sunshine, Mary X

    • Thank you for sharing your childhood and process with me Mary! <3 It is great to hear that this drummed up some memories and feelings within you, and that the generational baggage in this area has ceased…your children are/will be in good hands with YOU! Keep at it, love what you are doing and who you ARE! Be well Mary!

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