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  1. Roger

    Hi Nathan, this is helpful. Self esteem has this impact and it’s easier to justify a story then being here and now as individuals.

    I’d love to be away of the story of shame and guilt that destroyed each other self esteem as individual either in child past or at times when together. What once was a great couple now fight over the changes in their lives.

    The path was maybe to split off as each other vision keep them apart. The love of the relationship kept them together until a crisis happens. It’d be fun to sit together as exspouse together as if they are new lovers to look at how they split their stories. I think there would be a laugh or 2 instead of ripping each other out till emotional fixation. A physical paralysis burnt by emotional memory follows.

    Live the moment, uncharge the situation and be back in the present taking life as it is. Not cold just not emotionally charged “VERY” zone: Very angry or Very in love makes forget to be aware in present.

    Would hormones be charged by past emotions acting like a memory fluid? Suppressed they become concentrated to high pressure levels or cut off they become not potent enough. Are hormones emotions seen in physical form? Tapping, good food good sleep and exercise would release potency when too concentrated or increase when it lacks.

    I love this quote : “When you love the “story” of your relationship more than the person there is always pain. What heals is the truth… the real truth!” Tony Robbins.

    Thank you for thes good ideas, it makes me think.

    I LAF myself 😉


    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments Roger, I appreciate your feedback and input! I especially like your Tony Robins quote, a very appropriate addition to this blog post! Be well Roger!

  2. Jourdan Amerson

    “When our self-esteem comes from outside sources, rather than internal ones, our ego is in full control. But when we are confident from within, and draw our self worth and value from who we are, rather than what other people think of us, we are living in the moment, it is a state of being where our soul shines through…”

    Right on, Nate! =)

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