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  1. Christy

    This was good for me. I moved a lot as a young child after my parents divorced. It was just the way it was. But after my mother remarried, I, for the first time had a “real” home that I lived in for 10 plus years. When that marriage fell apart and I had to move, I was pretty devastated and angry, resentful. I’m fairly certain the reason why I’m staying in my current marriage is to again avoid this anger, and change. I’m feeling really sad after tapping. Deep breaths. Love to you, Nathan…and to myself.

    • Wow Christy, that’s pretty deep…it’s amazing how EFT removes issues like layers of an onion, removing one layer brings up another deeper layer. Love to you too Christy, I grieve with your innocence lost, and I celebrate with the new depths of happiness that you will get to experience as a result. 🙂

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